Globalization is here. But are we ready for it?

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, our program has been postponed. Please contact us for details.

Globalization is here: business, investment, communication, culture and education are no longer confined by borders. And in this environment, cultural fluency – the ability to understand, integrate, and communicate with people of different cultures – is key. In fact, research has repeatedly linked cultural fluency to financial and educational success. But just how culturally fluent are we?

The business world is full of stories of companies struggling to expand overseas due to mistrust and miscommunication between the newcomers and locals. Research shows people tend to cooperate and share information with those who look like them, and that speakers’ accents can affect negotiations more than numbers.

The same challenges exist in education. An increasing number of students are pursuing degrees abroad, but often the students, and the institutions that host them, are not prepared for each other. Many international students report stress, a lack of friendships, and confusion over faculty expectations. Faculty complain that they do not know how to connect with international students. Universities start programs to help the domestic and international students integrate, but often with little success.

Clearly, we all have a lot to learn about life in a globalized world. In this course, you will develop your cultural fluency. Through case studies and close analysis, you will apply your creativity and develop strategies for overcoming cultural differences and achieving integration. And as you do so, you will also refine the skills you need to succeed in higher education.

Program Dates: TBD


Program Fees: TBD*

*2021 program fees will be determined.

Program features, services, and amenities:


Classroom activities, learning materials, and fieldwork that immerse you in the latest research on innovation and offer you practice in academic skills such as critical thinking, sustained analysis, and the opportunity to explore and create original, engaging, and cohesive content

Classes taught by experienced U.C. Berkeley professors

Intensive 80-hour program (equivalent to a half-semester of coursework)

Individualized feedback and resources to refine your language skills

Mentorship and tutoring from U.C. Berkeley undergraduate student advisors

Workshops on college admissions, classroom communication, and more

Official U.C. Berkeley Certificate upon program completion

Guided tours of the San Francisco Bay Area, with transportation included: Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, Legion of Honor Museum, de Young Museum, premier shopping centers, and more

Housing located steps from the Berkeley campus, with chaperones, evening meals, linen service, high-speed Internet access, and common areas to relax and chat with friends

Transportation between San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and your residence in Berkeley

Program Schedule:

Week One Schedule

Morning 9:30am – 12:00pm Afternoon 2:00pm – 4:30pm
M Berkeley orientation and campus tour Workshop: “Speaking in the Berkeley Classroom”: Oral skills for Higher Education
T Introduction to course:
Cultural fluency
Case study I: Failure to communicate
W Relational dynamics Workshop: Online Resources for academic success
Th Strategies for conflict resolution Case studies: Conflict resolution
F Strategic planning, decision making, and communication Fieldwork Trip


Week Two Schedule

Morning Afternoon
M Cross-cultural communication in higher education Workshop: Writing the Personal Statement / US College Applications
T More on cross-cultural communication: Strategies and pitfalls Case studies: Cross-cultural communication in higher education
W Field trip Workshop: Choosing a major
Th Core values and multiplicity Case studies: Maintaining core values in a multinational context
F Showcase + Lunch + Graduation