Artificial Intelligence – Coding

Computer programs permeate every part of daily life. Robots vacuum our rugs; smart watches monitor our movements and suggest life style changes; digital home assistants order supplies and answer our queries, personal and financial information flows seamlessly across networks. But behind all these intelligent machine functions lies a complex yet elegant series of instructions we call code. And the future will be shaped by the people who know how to write it.

Appropriate for both beginning and experienced coders, this program allows you to build your coding and language skills as you engage in a variety of interactive, synchronous and asynchronous learning activities. Through hands-on exploration and training in cutting-edge coding platforms and a variety of engaging, innovative coding projects, you will develop your ability to produce original computer programs. You will also familiarize yourself with the standards for success in higher education by participating in discussions, workshops, and other academic work.


Program Dates: January 24 – February 4


Program Fees: USD 1820


Student Learning Objectives Highlight:

• Develop their knowledge of Python computer coding platform and programming language
• Develop essential skills for planning, writing, publishing and disseminating original computer programs
• Participate in a variety of creative coding projects such as building an original narrative adventure computer game

Program Schedule:

• Synchronous (Live Instruction) 3 hours per day
• Asynchronous (Activities, Workshops. Group Assignments and more)  3 to 4 hours per day