Program Schedule

  • Session I: July 5 to July 8 / July 11 to July 15 & July 17
  • Session II: July 25 to August 05
*To request a sample virtual class daily schedule, please send us an email.

*This subject is closed in summer 2023.


• Introduction to International Relations & Globalization
• Trade, Alliances, Diplomacy & Warfare
• Cross-Culture Communication

Learning objects including but not limited to

• Investigate real-world examples of conflict, crisis, and cooperation, on topics such as economic growth, nuclear strategy, environmental protection, cyber security, and armed conflict
• Explore competing for theoretical perspectives on globalization, the link between globalization and fragmentation, and how nation-states create security and mitigate conflict
• Develop an understanding of key theoretical models for predicting and analyzing interactions between nation-states