Program Schedule

  • Summer Session: July 16 to July 30, 2024
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• Overview of field
• Molecules and Cells
• Energy
• Organisms
• Interaction with environments

Learning objects including but not limited to

• Gain a comprehensive overview of the field of biology, from cells to organisms to environments
• Familiarize yourself with core principles in biology: macromolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins); genotypes and phenotypes; metabolism and production and use of energy; growth, development and reproduction; the critical role that water plays in life, and more
• Conduct experiments and fieldwork activities that help you develop foundational knowledge in biology, explore key concepts, and practice the scientific method
• Prepare yourself for undergraduate work in biology and areas of study within the field
• Refine your English language, communication, and rhetorical skills by participating in discussions, creating original content, and presenting your work to unfamiliar audiences
• Receive personalized, close feedback and a pedagogical approach tailored to your learning style