Program Schedule

  • Summer Session: July 16 to July 30, 2024
*To request a sample daily schedule, please send us an email.


  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Economic Theories

Learning objects including but not limited to

  • Explore how individuals, organizations and nations manage resources and respond to scarcity
  • Familiarize yourself with core principles in microeconomics (consumer choice, firm behavior, goods and services, supply-demand interaction) and macroeconomics (production and growth, employment and interest rates, aggregate variables)
  • Identify the key factors that influence long term growth and short-term fluctuations
  • Participate in challenging, hands-on, task-based assignments that allow you to apply what you learn as you investigate topics that relate to your personal interests
  • Prepare yourself for more advanced study in economics theory, history, and application
  • Refine your English language, communication, and rhetorical skills by participating in discussions, creating original content, and presenting your work to unfamiliar audiences
  • Become familiar with the standards of elite American universities: university admissions, classroom communication, tone and rhetoric, academic format and more
  • Acquire strategies for long-term, sustained independent language development
  • Receive personalized, close feedback and a pedagogical approach tailored to your learning style