Program Schedule

  • Session I: July 10 to July 21
  • Session II: July 31 to August 11
*To request a sample virtual class daily schedule, please send us an email.


  • Sampling and Probability
  • Significance
  • Regression

Learning objects including but not limited to

  • Explore foundational concepts of population, sampling, probability and variables
  • Participate in hands-on analysis of real-world data sets and develop your ability to perform statistical inference and hypothesis testing
  • Familiarize yourself with common tests of significance
  • Participate in challenging, hands-on, task-based assignments that allow you to apply what you learn as you investigate datasets that relate to your personal interests
  • Prepare yourself for more advanced study in statistical analysis and machine learning
  • Refine your English language, communication, and rhetorical skills by participating in discussions, creating original content, and presenting your work to unfamiliar audiences
  • Become familiar with the standards of elite American universities: university admissions, classroom communication, tone and rhetoric, academic format and more
  • Acquire strategies for long-term, sustained independent language development
  • Receive personalized, close feedback and a pedagogical approach tailored to your learning style